Planning and Development

The Beechwood Project and many other planned developments are changing us as a City very quickly. All the Hotels and future planned developments are in the Pipeline and we have not revisited our General Plan since 2004. A lot has changed since then, and I have publicly stated we need to take a deep breath pause and look at this and see what our Citizens want. We are going to grow this is inevitable and current projects under way need to go forward. However how we grow and at what speed we grow is an important question. Do we want to look like Orange County or any other heavily impacted area around our State? I do not. I will do everything in my power to “fight for you” and make sure the interest of our Citizens is first.


Employment of our Citizens upwardly mobile employment opportunities should be at the front of the line as we move forward. But sadly, the interests of our own people appear to be ignored and the special interests seem to be before our Citizens. We are always told we are a City of 30,000. However, when we look at the true impacts to our City we are a City of 130,000. Why do I say this? We had 1.2 million visitors last year and accelerating. I will say it again we “DO NOT” have a demand problem here. We do have a planning problem however. Let’s take a deep breath and revisit our General Plan. Let’s make sure we are including our Citizens interests are at the front of the line.

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