Public Safety

This is one of the most critical issues because of actions and lack thereof of our State Government and National Government. SB 54 the Sanctuary State policy which gives criminal aliens “special” treatment is a clear danger to our people. Other policy decisions and laws have put our Citizens at greater risk. I pushed very hard to have our City object in a very strong way and the response was weak at best. Rather than submitting a “friend of the Court Brief” that would have “not” put our City at any financial risks. Our City did take a very weak position and sent a letter to the State. The Mayors unilateral action without consent of the Council sent the letter which he edited himself. The public was not permitted to see the contents prior to it being sent. This is a violation of the public trust, in my view and should not be tolerated by the rest of the City Council. This and many other actions by this current mayor have not been objected to by my opponent.

Police, Fire and emergency services are our highest calling. We all swear an oath affirming this. Our mayor and my opponent have been weak on issues like SB 54 and other laws being forced on us by the State. Our own District attorney said these laws have made us less safe. I agree with our District Attorney. Our Sheriff has also made it clear these laws at the State level have made his job more difficult. Our inability to work with authorities at the Federal Level makes us all less safe. When it comes to this and other issues related to immigration I will “fight for you” and do everything in my power to push back. Being only one vote if I am successful means I need every one of you to stand with me.

We should have no tolerance for workers in our City working in the “shadows”. Therefore, I successfully pushed to have out City implement e-verify in our own City Governments hiring practices. We as a City should be “encouraging” our Local businesses to do the same. Shutting down the job’s magnet will help us with public safety and give our Citizens confidence that we as a City are working hard to make sure everyone in our City has a legitimate right to work here. This will make a difference in our City and bring solidarity to our City. The division we see all around us must be stopped and we have the tools to do it working “Together”.

We also should continue to work with our Fire and Police unions to make sure that the tools they need to keep us safe are always available to them. We also need to work with them to ensure the retirement benefits we have committed to are there for them when its time to retire. Our recent work on retirement with our unions is a great first step and we can do more moving forward.

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