Roads and Local Infrastructure

Roads are not maintained because of the outright theft of millions of Dollars from the State of California from Cities such as ours as they build a Bullet Train to no where spending billions of dollars and many other programs that have not benefitted our City.

What have we done as a City to object? Have we addressed this directly to the State in the form of any communications? Have we asked our State Assemblyman and State Senator to get together with us and push our needs up to Sacramento and object to projects like the bullet train to nowhere and programs that our ineffective? The answer to this is No and maybe. We have local Government bodies in the form of SLOCOG at the County level and the association of Governments at the State level who have done a poor job and have been tentative at best. My opponent has done little to advocate for us and push back. It’s apparent he has been weak. I assure you I will “fight” for you.

Their solution is to keep the Gas Tax and charge us more. The increase of our Gas Tax is outrageous, and our City leaders have been silent as has my opponent. Their solution is increasing your Sales Tax by 1/2/% in the form of Measure K-18. This is a regressive tax which puts working families, people on fixed incomes, our young people starting out in the workforce under more financial pressure. My opponent supports this.

The City of Paso Robles is collecting a 2% tax and an additional 1% tax from our visitors who are staying at our Hotels and Vacation rentals. Those same businesses’s have an 80% occupancy rate. We DO NOT have a demand problem for visitors to our lovely City. They then pass through to this “special interest” over 1.5 million dollars a year to the Hotel Lobby in the form of (Travel Paso). Our own Mayor sits on their Board of Directors and my opponent supports this. I will work to change this and make sure all 13% of the TOT goes to our City for our needs and not ask you to bear the burden of a ½ percent sales tax. I will “fight” for you. We fund through our City Budget which includes the very successful “Main Street Association” and the Chamber of commerce. Why isn’t the Chamber more proactive in promoting our City? Why did we increase their budget to hire a Business development position without asking about their performance and outcomes? I know what the performance and out comes are for the Main Street Association. They have been outstanding. What does my opponent say about this? I guess his solution is build another wasteful Bureaucracy and increase your taxes. Is this the type of leadership we need?

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