Santa Barbara County Private Industry Council

Santa Barbara County Private Industry Council
Chairman, Chief Financial Officer and Board Member

We took this once dysfunctional Federally Mandated organization from a 3 million dollar per year underperforming operation to an 11 million dollar per year successful operation. We provided 1000s of people employment and training services which was our Charter. It was then replaced by Federal legislation to the Workforce Investment Board after my departure.


During my time on the PIC we funded the Guadalupe Educational and Technology alliance. This alliance with the Guadalupe School District and Hancock Community College was the first Computer Lab for the students in Guadalupe as well as the community at large. I was the project manager (Pro Bono) and successfully lobbied the PIC Board for the Funding. Working with the City of Guadalupe we completed this very successful project in co-operation with the representatives from the Community colleges and local community members who gave and volunteered their services to complete this project.


During my service on the PIC I also lobbied successfully our board to provide. Grants to the then fledgling California Space Alliance.  This was an effort to create commercial space flight out of Vandenberg Air Force Base. I ran into one of their original board members in Lompoc where he told me about their effort and said they had little money and were running out of steam. I asked him to come and speak to the PIC as we had money and wanted to create more employment opportunities for the People of the County. This effort grew to a statewide organization headed up by their executive Director Andrea Seastrand. We now have Commercial Space launches at Vandenberg on a regular basis. It’s amazing what a little “seed” money can grow into. I am so proud of this and the economic engine this effort by so many people has created for our region.


My service on the PIC gave me a great understanding of how Government must be more creative and efficient when using taxpayer money. We must as Paso Robles do the same.

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