Santa Maria Parks and Recreation Commission

As Chair oversaw the completion of the 5 Million Dollar youth Center providing youth in the City of Santa Maria recreation and educational resources working with the School District and Community College

Oversaw the Study which set the course for how the City of Santa Marias Park system would be used to provide the most efficient use of our park resources for the lowest cost. Making sure that Families would have the proper covering on playground equipment as well as picnic areas throughout the City for our Families and many other choices for our families and youth recreation choices

Lobbied successfully, as a parks commissioner, to have the City and School District to work together to complete two Gymnasiums at two local Junior High Schools. Combining Financial resources through grants, Fesler Junior High and El Camino Junior High were able to complete the long awaited and needed gymnasiums. This provided the City two more facilities that allowed our community additional recreation resources. This agreement is still in effect and successful

Founded along with my wife Lindia the Santa Maria Valley Striders a youth running club which allowed children 8 to 12 years old the opportunity to run cross country in a competitive environment at the Local and National level. We provided this program at no cost to the youth participating and with out regard to their financial status. We also sponsored many running events such as the Fields to the Fair Run, the Elks parade 5K run and other events providing fund raising opportunity and additional fun family centered activities

These along with many other accomplishments gives me a clear understanding how working together we can accomplish great things for our City here in Paso Robles.

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